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Roasted beetroot salad with goat
My friend Tessa made a gorgeous beet salad for her husband Roger's birthday recently. She used witloof, radicchio and go...     more...

Pea and Ham Soup
Apart from being quick to cook, and easy to cook - most soups just require chopping, then slow-cooking - soups often tas...     more...

Chocolate Nut Cake
Discover the sensuous aspects of chocolate. Julie's recipe for Chocolate Nut Cake is sinfully-rich.

Chunky Leek and Potato Soup
Here's a good chunky winter soup that's perfect for filling hollow legs. Don't stir the potatoes through the soup, leave...     more...

Roasted Eye Fillet Wrapped in Bacon

Spicy chicken drumsticks
Time to prep 10 minutes
Time to cook 45 minutes

Marinating these chicken drumsticks overnight improves the...     more...

Dolores' German Apple Cake
Who is Dolores? She's my German sister-in-law and she's nearly as delicious as this cake!

Oven-baked Tomatoes

Sticky Lemon Slice

Crispy Bean Cakes with Chili Lime Yoghurt Sauce
These bean cakes are sensational and meat-eaters and vegetarians alike wolf them down. Don't be alarmed at how soft the ...     more...
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