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Sizzle, Sensational Barbecue Food

There's something about barbecues. As the sun slides and evening sneaks in, the suburban nose picks up the tang of fire in the air- fragrant marinated meats, smoky char-grilled vegetables with a hint of olive oil and rosemary. Award-winning writer Julie Biuso has gathered her thoughts and more than 100 recipes to have you cooking outdoors to perfection with Sizzle. She who first bade us to "take a vine-ripened tomato" with such stellar results, is now directing we start with "spanking fresh fish, or a clutch of coral-pink prawns, add a squeeze of lemon, chilli and a swirl of coconut cream to find paradise on a plate." A handsome, handy collection to be kept close at hand when next you sniff the air and feel inspired to fore up the barbie.

- North & South magazine

Sizzle, Sensational Barbecue Food

Sizzle, subtitled Sensational Barbecue Food, has been simmering for some time. "Iíve wanted to write a barbecue book for several years, and now the timing is right," she said. "Because we are now cooking the whole meal on the barbecue, not just the meat," she said.

In Sizzle she has wisely made allowances for the vagaries of our weather. "There are a lot of instructions for cooking Sizzle's recipes in the kitchen in case the weatherís inclement." Asked whether the appeaking photographs were manipulated to make the food look better, she said it was not, as she liked it "to be caught naturally" by the camera. "I donít like to tweak it. Then it's real and people reading the book can achieve the same result," she said.

- The Star Dunedin, 2006

Sizzle, Sensational Barbecue Food

Biuso takes barbecue cuisine to new levels. Sizzle is packed with tempting, easy-to-follow recipes, from fast mid-week meals to long summer lunches.

- Whitcoulls brochure

Sizzle, Sensational Barbecue Food

The ultimate barbecue cookbook: tempting and contemporary food based with more than a hundred inspirational and easy-to-follow recipes. At the back of the book there are hot tips on everything from choosing and using a barbecue, to cooking meat to perfection, adding flavour and judging cooking times. The perfect summer meal-time companion.

- Paperplus brochure

Sizzle, Sensational Barbecue Food

Hi Julie,
Just wanted to say what a wonderful cookbook Sizzle is. I didn't even know it existed until I requested a recipe from you and you told me about it. I scurried off and bought it and have been working my way through it!! ( I had been trying to wean myself off cookbooks!!) Thanks again for all your great recipes and enthusiasm for your art.

Rachel Earl-Peacock


More Accolades for Well-known Foodie

A month ago Julie Biuso's highly entertaining memoir, Dancing On My Table, won the Gourmand World Cookbook Fair Award for Best Food Literature Book in English.

Over recent weeks the judges involved in this prestigious international series of awards have been wading their way through the winners in seven other languages to try and decide which of all the entries deserved to win the coveted Best Food Literature Book in the World.

Last night, in France, after a gala dinner, it was announced that Julie Biuso is the winner again, beating the best food literature books that Spain, Sweden, Germany, Italy, France, Norway and Korea have to offer.

Well done, Julie! This is just the latest accolade for this extraordinary New Zealand food writer who has won numerous awards in her food-writing career, including the Lifestyle category award at the Montana New Zealand Book Awards earlier this year for her eighth cookbook, Fresh.

- New Holland, 2001

Dancing on My Table wins at World Cookbook Awards

Sheís done it again! Julie Biuso has won yet another accolade for her writing, this time for her memoir Dancing on My Table, which has just picked up the award for Best Food Literature Cookbook in English at the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards.

Her highly personal account of people, food and places won the hearts of the judges in much the same way that two of her previous books have already won over their stomachs. In 1999 Take a Vine Ripened TomatoÖ won the Best Mediterranean Cuisine Book Award at the Versailles International Cookbook Fair while this year Fresh won the Lifestyle category at the Montana New Zealand Book Awards as well as the University of Canterbury Food Journalism award.

Over 3000 food and wine books were entered in this yearís Gourmand World Cookbook Awards. More than one third of the books were in English, with entries coming from 15 different countries. The category of Food Literature is becoming increasingly popular as readers wish to know more about their favourite cooks and how they came to excel in the kitchen.

- New Holland, 2001

Dancing On My Table

In this lively account of people, food and places, award-winning food writer Julie Biuso traces the development of the passions that have shaped her life.

Only in part a memoir, Dancing On My Table shares with the reader the flavour of precious memories and vividly recreates the warmth of Julieís typically Kiwi family.

Aspects of her youthful travels in Australia, Britain and Europe are explored, as is her marriage too an Italian and subsequent adoption by his extended family.

Also recollected is her time at the prestigious London Cordon Bleu School of Cookery; her introduction to the world of magazine and newspaper writing; her breakthrough experiences in radio and television back in the 1980s; and, of course, her development into a leading food writer and author of eight cookbooks.

A story full of energy and joy, punctuated with flashes of sadness at the loss of deeply loved mentors, dancing On My Table is a refreshingly honest read for everyone who has come to appreciate the endless fascinations of the table.

- Hamilton Press 2005

Dancing On My Table

I just want to pass on to you the pleasure/pain/memories your book has given me. I didn'y know I had so much water in my head. But most of all it has been an absolute inspiration to me. Thank you.

- Fan Mail (Gary Robertson, NZ)

Dancing On My Table

Just a note to say I finished reading 'Dancing on my Table' for the second time a few days ago and enjoyed it even more this time. Possibly because I now live in Italy and get a real New Zealand feel from the style of living, eating, writing, etc. Or maybe also because you are married to an Italian and living in New Zealand. You have my full respect.

Today I happened across some fresh asparagus and was thinking hmmÖ quick? easy? Julieís 'Asparagus and Boiled Egg Experience!' Iíve never tried it before and my god, itís just bloody great! The yolk was perfectly liquid while the white was Ďjust setí, in a wiggly wobbly way. I toasted a couple of slices of ciabatta to go alongside. The first dip of an asparagus spear was a truly religious experience. I wanted to make the yolk go further so I plopped in extra slices of butter. Unfortunately a bit dripped onto the table but luckily I had the bread to mop it up so it didnít go to waste. Once the asparagus was finished (a very sad moment indeed) I turned the wiggly wobbly white out onto the ciabatta (slippery with my over generous butter manoeuvres) and topped it with a sliver of parmesano, a touch of red capsicum sauce from my famous local butcher Cecchini and more salt and pepper. Che buonissimo!

Julie, thank you. I am going to prepare an encore in the morning.

- Fan Mail (Melanie Bayes, Italy)

Foodie team wins again!

When food writer Julie Biuso and photographer Ian Batchelor get together, they can't put a foot wrong. The talented twosome, who brought us the award-winning Take a Vine-ripened Tomato in 1999, have just been announced winner of the Lifestyle category at this year's Montana New Zealand Book Awards with Fresh, their latest book. This win proves yet again that Julie's luscious recipes and Ian's sumptuous images are altogether an unbeatable combination.

In 1999 Take a Vine-ripened Tomato, was awarded 'Best Mediterranean Cuisine Book Award' at the Versailles International Cookbook Fair. It also won the 2000 Book Data New Zealand Booksellers Choice Award.

Fresh is Julie Biuso's eighth cookbook. As well as a keen commitment to writing best-selling cookbooks, she also has an established following through her regular contributions to newspapers, magazines, radio and television. Julie was recently elected a jury member to the venerated international Slow Food movement in Italy.

Scottish-born image-maker Ian Batchelor has won numerous photographic awards and his work has appeared in the prestigious annual publication of the Association of Photographers. He also worked with Julie on her earlier book, Italian Cooking, also published by New Holland, which has reprinted several times.

- New Holland, 2001

Taste Magazine

Great magazine, please tell Julie Biuso that I've been looking for ages for a recipe for gnocchi and tried her one in the latest mag and it worked out wonderful!

My previous attempt (from xxx turned out like rubber bullets!)

OH! And I'm a convert to her "Pasta Puttanesca" - I'd seen many variations of the recipe in the past and never thought it would amount to much (and so was never inspired to make it...) but then I tried Julie's recipe and am a total convert!! It's our hosehold's equivalent of "fast-food" - can be on the table in 20 minutes if you really rush the sauce! and sooo much healthier than fish'n'chips.

And my 15 year old daugher has also learnt how to make it as she loves it so much, anchovies, olives and all!!

You're a star!

- Fan Mail, Taste Magazine

Woman's Day Recipes

I just love your recipes and look forward to receiving my Womans Day weekly with them in it! And as a busy Mum with 3 young children your recipes are just so nutritious. They are a great incentive for families on a budget and the prices for the meals she includes are very reasonable. I use Julies recipes quite alot for my family they are nutritious quick and easy to prepare and my family love them.

- Fan Mail (Stephanie, NZ)

Dear Julie,
Thank you for your recipes always good and helpful, even to a cook of 61 years who likes to be different. I especially love your hints, even after all my years of cooking I find there is always something to learn.
Grace Smith

Dear Ms, Biuso,
Just a quick word to thank you for the many superlative recipes you've published over the years. My wife is a dedicated reader of "Woman's Day" magazine, and has compiled hundreds of your wonderful recipes into folders, and believe it or not has tried out almost all of them...especially the Italian ones. Again, from a well fed and cared for husband, thank you very much.

- Fan Mail (Ron Dukie, Timaru, NZ)

As I am tired of eating out or take-aways, I decided to try Julie Biuso's recipes. I never cooked in my home country but I gave my self a challenge here and it worked. Therefore, I tried another of her recipes including the cakes and they turned out very delicious. My husband and family friends are amazed with my new cooking ability and I have to say thank you very much Julie. Dinners will be excellent from now on. Well done Julie.

- Fan Mail (Rosiy Glover)

Wow! Julie's recipe pages (28 August issue, pages 94-97) are everything but "everyday food". They were eye-catching in vibrant colours, yummy looking food, and had me captivated before I even read the recipes (I suppose it helped that my favourite colour is blue like the page backround!). What a lovely section this was to read and look at and I'm sure my family will enjoy the Baked Lemon Kumara, and the Butternut & Sweetcorn Soup. I will also be on the lookout for a Radicchio Lettuce so we can make the Winter Fruit Salad too. Many thanks Julie and the Team at Woman's Day for an enjoyable magazine.

- Fan Mail (Mrs. D. McClelland, NZ)

Hi Julie,
Enjoy all the hints and guidelines that come with your recipes in the Woman's Day. We miss watching your morning presentations on the Morning show but what we would really love is another book!!!

- Fan Mail (Averley Dennerly)

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