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This original and enticing collection of recipes will have readers eager to get into the kitchen and start cooking. FRESH reveals the pleasures and stunning results you can get from working with seasonal vegetables. The photography is luscious. The recipes, an eclectic mix of European and Asian, feature spices and herbs, and can be hot and spicy, or possess a soothing coolness; some have delectable crunch and others are rich and velvety. They are versatile, too, in that they can be meals in themselves or delicious accompaniments. And they come with tidbits of information covering what to serve alongside, the health aspects of the dish, cooking hints and presentation tips.

But most importantly all of them quite simply exude a 'make me now' invitation that is totally irresistible.

Photography by Ian Batchelor

First published in 2000 by New Holland Publishers (NZ) Ltd
Awards and Nominations
  • Nominated for Best Photography Award ICR Awards Perigueux
  • Winner Montana Book Awards Lifestyle Section

Julie Biuso Speaks About Her Cookbook Fresh
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