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take a vine-ripened tomato...


Take a vine-ripened tomato... Buy from Amazon.co.uk

Much more than the sum of it's parts, the Mediterranean-style cuisine featured in 'take a vine-ripened tomato...' leads the reader on a culinary journey - a journey that reveals the exotic tastes unique to the countries that border the shores of this legendary sea.

It's a culinary melting pot into which has been piled sun-drenched fruits and vegetables that have been allowed to ripen on the plant, an abundance of food from the sea, delicious olive oils, nutrient-rich grains, beans and lentils that are imbued with garlic, fragrant herbs and spices.

Packed full of superb photographs by Ian Batchelor and irresistible recipes, 'take a vine-ripened tomato...' immediately evokes the vibrant colours, tantalising aromas and the mouth-watering flavours of the Mediterranean.

Photography by Ian Batchelor

First published in 1999 by New Holland Publishers (NZ) Ltd

  • Winner Best Mediterranean Cuisine Cookbook Versailles World Cookbook Awards France
  • Winner Booksellers' Choice Award New Zealand

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