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Pork and Sage Schnitzels

This is a great twist on schnitzels, which also works well with chicken in place of pork. Serve it with a mash of car...     more...


Bruschetta with guacamole & crispy bacon
This is substantial enough for a light meal.
Prep time 20 minutes
Cook time 5 minutes


Pork Snitzels with Porcini and Pinot

Pork & Fennel Satay
Makes 40 small skewers. This is the sort of thing you can quickly marinate earlier in the day, and finish off skewering ...     more...

This is the very ham I served to Luciano Pavarotti when he visited Auckland in 1999, the one which he pronounced 'magnif...     more...

Pea and Ham Soup
Apart from being quick to cook, and easy to cook - most soups just require chopping, then slow-cooking - soups often tas...     more...

Roasted Eye Fillet Wrapped in Bacon

Asparagus & Mint Prosciutto Wraps
These asparagus wraps are imbued with a hint of caramelly smokiness. The salt "hit" from crisp prosciutto is wiped clean...     more...

Avocado, Bacon & Corn Baps
If you like bacon and avocado together, try this combination, which includes freshly cooked sweet corn, lime juice, red ...     more...

Baked Potatoes, Peppers & Chorizo
This colorful crunchy dish is a meal in itself - just add a few green leaves on the side. Or serve it alongside grilled ...     more...

Warm Chick Pea, Potato & Chorizo Salad
Ready in: 20 minutes, plus soaking time of chick peas. This is a perfect summer salad for a lazy lunch, served with crus...     more...

Chorizo Tortilla
This is perfect for a hearty brunchy-breakfast, and it also makes a great dish to take on a picnic. If you're nervous ab...     more...
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