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Sizzle - Sensational barbecue food. Buy from Amazon.co.uk
Beyond "Throwing Another Shrimp on the Barbie"

Most Americans think of New Zealand as being "down there" somewhere, a country producing quality produce and exceptional wines. While New Zealand's neighbor, Australia, has grabbed most of the attention with "throw another shrimp on the barbie", the culture of New Zealand has evolved the art of the barbecue to a higher level. It's not just hamburgers, steaks and chicken skewers anymore. Now it's breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner that can be enlivened by the warmth and aroma that only a grill can bring. Now, award-winning New Zealand cookbook author, Julie Biuso, has arrived stateside to show us just how to do it.

SIZZLE: Sensational Barbecue Food From New Zealand is the ultimate barbecue cookbook, offering tempting and contemporary international food with fresh New Zealand flavor. This delicious selection includes more than one hundred inspirational and easy-to-follow recipes fit for midweek meals, al fresco feasts, weekend brunches and special occasions — in other words, all you need to make outdoor (and indoor!) living fun, affordable and utterly irresistible.

Chapters include: Beginnings (starters), Main events, From the Sea, Sides, Salads, Sauces and Salsas, and Sweet Endings. At the back of the book there are invaluable hot tips on everything from choosing and using a barbecue to cooking meat to perfection, adding flavor, and judging cooking times. Recipes include:

Green Tomato, Avocado and Orange Salad
Pork Satay with Fresh Pineapple Chutney
Asparagus and Mint Prosciutto Wraps
Seared Scallops with Chili Pepper Dressing
Char-grilled Lamb Rumps with Balsamic Tomatoes
Fluffy Pancakes with Maple Syrup

Perfect for those looking to break away from the old grilling standards and shake it up in front of the fire this season, SIZZLE will introduce Americans to a flavor explosion from New Zealand. The best part of all…all the ingredients can be found in our own local grocery stores and markets.

Sizzle is the ultimate barbecue cookbook: tempting and contemporary international food based on a selection of more than a hundred inspirational but easy-to-follow recipes, ranging from meals for a summer midweek to dishes for special occasions and al-fresco feasts, in other words, all you need to make outdoor living fun, affordable and utterly irresistible. At the back of the book there are hot tips on everything from choosing and using a barbecue to cooking meat to perfection, adding flavour, judging cooking times and more, plus a glossary and full index.



Julie Biuso's Sizzle Wins "Best Of The Best" At Gourmand Ceremony

Sizzle Named Best BBQ Book In the History of the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards 2008

Sizzle Sensational Barbecue Food - Awarded Best Barbecue Book Gourmand World Cookbooks Awards 2006


Customer Reviews

Sizzle sensational barbecue food

We really like this book. The food combinations are interesting and delicious. We are trying several recipes each week and haven't been disappointed yet. Although you think of BBQ for dinner we love the breakfast, and salad recipes as well. There are even some really cool dessert receipes. Literally everything can be done on the grill. Its going to be perfect for summer cooking. Best of all, the ingredients are things you actually have in your kitchen! There is a section on BBQ know how as well as a glossary. The book is loaded with gorgeous photos so we are ordering several more copies as gifts for friends.

- Carolyn Voisin

Unique BBQ Recipes...Who Would Have Thought?

Crab Cakes! Bruschetta! Even Pancakes! OK, I always thought I was decent on the BBQ. But that was with the basics. These recipes put a whole new twist on what you can cook on the BBQ. I would have never thought to make Bruschetta or Garlic Bread on the grill. Some personal favorites include Crab Cakes w/Cambodian Dressing, Asparagus Prosciutto Wraps, Pots of Gold, Devilled Chicken Wings, Coconut Fish Cakes, Mussels in Lemon Grass Broth, Breakfast Tomatoes and my number one favorite, Blueberry Pancakes! The BBQ tips section is very useful. Truly unique ways of cooking on the BBQ.

- K. Crampton

Warning: do not read "SIZZLE" on an empty stomach!

If you believe you eat first with our eyes... then you will consider "SIZZLE - Sensational Barbecue Food ", by Julie Biuso a virtual feast. The photography alone is worth the price of this book! If you're a fan of the simple, easy to prepare, yet delicious recipes found in the Barefoot Contessa series of cookbooks by Ina Garten, then you need to order SIZZLE today.

SIZZLE was originally published in New Zealand. But when translated for the American market... it revealed the origins of "California Cuisine". Dishes prepared with the freshest of ingredients, simply prepared and seasoned with a veritable fragrance and spice tour of the Pacific Rim Nations.

This book celebrates the ideal of summer: friends and family gathering together to share sun filled days and warm nights delighting in the "chit-chat and laughter", while enjoying amazing food, with cold beverage in hand and a reminiscence of BBQ smoke lingering in the air. To quote Julie; "barbecuing should be fun". When done properly, barbecuing is the quintessential manifestation of fun with food. "SIZZLE" is now the barbecue handbook for my summer. Enjoy!

- J. Stevenson

Must Buy Cookbook!!!

I absolutely cherish my new cookbook by Julie Biuso. My husband and I both love to barbeque and try new recipes. Julie has given us some of the easiest, yet tastiest recipes of all. To top it off, the book is immensely helpful in providing new ways to display the food--makes me look like a gourmet chef! This book is quite an achievement to say the least. I read in the book that Julie received a World Cookbook award--ditto on that honor!!

- Linda K. Stroh

Sumptuous & Healthy Recipes, Beautiful as a Coffee Table Book!

Just got my copy of Sizzle after hearing several friends rave about it, and the photos alone made my mouth water. Julie has a wonderful writing style so I had fun just reading through all the recipes. Can't wait to get started. Think I'll begin with pork & fennel satay and grilled asparagus with buffalo mozzarella. So many choices. Thanks, Julie - from an inspired foodie in Los Angeles.

- alan s blaustein

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Book Reviews

Best Barbecue Book - Gourmand Awards

"Julie Biuso already won a Best in the World Award for culinary food writing in 2001, in Sorges, Capital of the Truffles of Perigord. Sizzle is already a best seller thanks to her deep understanding of the cookbook reader needs and hopes".

- Edouard Cointreau


Sizzle, Sensational Barbecue Food

There's something about barbecues. As the sun slides and evening sneaks in, the suburban nose picks up the tang of fire in the air- fragrant marinated meats, smoky char-grilled vegetables with a hint of olive oil and rosemary. Award-winning writer Julie Biuso has gathered her thoughts and more than 100 recipes to have you cooking outdoors to perfection with Sizzle. She who first bade us to "take a vine-ripened tomato" with such stellar results, is now directing we start with "spanking fresh fish, or a clutch of coral-pink prawns, add a squeeze of lemon, chilli and a swirl of coconut cream to find paradise on a plate." A handsome, handy collection to be kept close at hand when next you sniff the air and feel inspired to fore up the barbie.

- North & South Magazine

Sizzle, Sensational Barbecue Food

Sizzle, subtitled Sensational Barbecue Food, has been simmering for some time. "I’ve wanted to write a barbecue book for several years, and now the timing is right," she said. "Because we are now cooking the whole meal on the barbecue, not just the meat," she said.

In Sizzle she has wisely made allowances for the vagaries of our weather. "There are a lot of instructions for cooking Sizzle's recipes in the kitchen in case the weather’s inclement." Asked whether the appeaking photographs were manipulated to make the food look better, she said it was not, as she liked it "to be caught naturally" by the camera. "I don’t like to tweak it. Then it's real and people reading the book can achieve the same result," she said.

- The Star Dunedin, 2006

Sizzle, Sensational Barbecue Food

Biuso takes barbecue cuisine to new levels. Sizzle is packed with tempting, easy-to-follow recipes, from fast mid-week meals to long summer lunches.

- Whitcoulls Brochure

Sizzle, Sensational Barbecue Food

The ultimate barbecue cookbook: tempting and contemporary food based with more than a hundred inspirational and easy-to-follow recipes. At the back of the book there are hot tips on everything from choosing and using a barbecue, to cooking meat to perfection, adding flavour and judging cooking times. The perfect summer meal-time companion.

- Paperplus Brochure

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